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Name Price Category
Bourbon Barrel Stave Ashtrays 6.00 Ashtrays
JC Newman Brickhouse Ashtray 28.00 Ashtrays
Gurkha XL Tees 8.00 Clothing
Impact Force Team Shirt 8.00 Clothing
La Flor Dominicana Crew V Neck XL 8.00 Clothing
T-Shirt, L 15.00 Clothing
T-Shirt, M 15.00 Clothing
T-Shirt, S 15.00 Clothing
T-shirt, XXXL 15.00 Clothing
Big Easy Keychain Rubber Punch Cutter 8mm - Assorted Colors 2.50 Cutters
Vertigo Big Boy Cutter 2.50 Cutters
Vertigo Victory V-Cutter 2.99 Cutters
Xikar MTX Multi-Tool Bead Blast 54.95 Cutters
Xikar Xi1 - Black 69.95 Cutters
Xikar Xi2 - Bloodstone 49.95 Cutters
Xikar High Performance Butane 1.9oz 5.95 Fuel
Boveda 2 Way 69% / 60g 4.00 Humidification
Boveda 2 Way 72% / 60g 4.00 Humidification
Boveda 2 Way 84% / 60g 4.00 Humidification
Boveda Butler 29.95 Humidification
Humi-Smart Humidor To Go 1.00 Humidification
Xikar 2 Way 72% / 8g 1.00 Humidification
Vertigo Booster 14.99 Lighters
Vertigo Cyclone 9.99 Lighters
Vertigo Intimidator Table Lighter
24.95 Lighters
Xikar EXL - Gunmetal  69.95  Lighters
Xikar HP3 Triple Flame - Daytona Red 99.95 Lighters
Xikar HP3 Triple Flame - Gunmetal 99.95 Lighters
Xikar Turrim Single - Black 49.95 Lighters
Xikar Turrim Single - Daytona Red 49.95 Lighters
Xikar Turrim Single - Gunmetal 49.95 Lighters
Xikar Verano Flat Flame - Gunmetal 79.95 Lighters
Padron Purse 30.00 Miscellaneous

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Over the Rhine Premium is a local cigar store offering personalized and professional service and guidance with your Cigar selection.

Beyond that we, like most Cigar smokers, see the experience of smoking a premium cigar as an opportunity to relax and socialize.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and that’s why our comfortable smoking lounge is called a Dude Day Care Center. Stop in and see for yourself.

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